What is education law?

Education law is the portion of the law in a state, country or city that specifically governs educational bodies such as public and private schools and universities. Various education laws cover every aspect of education and school systems.

Understanding Education Law

Education law deals with the sources of funding that school organizations use to acquire resources, as well as the requirements teachers and other faculty and staff must meet to be certified, trained, hired, retained, and fired. If there are questions about who can partake of the educational facilities, these are also answered through education law. For example, determining who is considered a resident or a non-resident of a school district or state for purposes of enrollment in an educational facility.

Education Law and Discrimination

Education law also covers discrimination in the field of education, whether in the hiring process or in the process of educating students. One example of how education law impacts individuals is the ruling that disabled individuals cannot be discriminated against in the educational process, and must be given all reasonable accommodations necessary to allow them to learn the same subjects in the same facilities as students who are not disabled. Education law handles issues involving teachers’ unions and the segregation of students. These education laws are generally followed and enforced by state and local Departments of Education.

Study in Ukraine

Rich of culture and history, with amazing architectural sites and a landscape ideal for trekking, Ukraine is a wonderful place to spend your study abroad. You will receive a real high quality education  supported by that fact that Ukraine actually produces the fourth largest number of post-secondary graduates in Europe.

Ukraine welcomes you to a country spiring of culure and gastronomic specialties. Quality higher education and postgraduate studies alongside skiing slopes, wild rivers, vast mountains and great plains of colored by golden grass. Combining your education with the adventures of a lifetime, Ukraine will give you experiences to remember for a very long time.

The Ukranian Educational System

General secondary education in Ukraine is compulsory for all children through state schools. Since 2005 secondary schools lasts for 12 years, starting at age six. By the end of secondary school all Ukranian students take IGT´s (Independent Government Tests), these are then used to apply for a higher education program or course at a university or such.

Higher Education in Ukraine

Free, state funded higher education is provided on a competitive basis as well as private non-funded higher education. The language of tuition is generally Ukrainian or Russian.

Ukrainian Universities offer both Bachelor Degree programs of 4 years and Master Degree programs of 5-6 years. These degrees are both taught and awarded in accordance with the Bologna process, in which Ukraine is taking part.

The grading scale used in Ukrainian universities reaches from 1-5, 5 meaning “excellent” and 1-2 meaning “unacceptable”, hence a failing grade. This 5-point scale is used along with a scale from 1-100 in which a students performance is rated, the latter is easily transferable to the 5-point-scale.

Postgraduate Studies in Ukraine

In entering Postgraduate studies there are two levels. The Kandidat Nauk is the first one, roughly equivalent to a Ph.D. degree, to achieve it students must pass three qualifying exams, publish at least three scientific articles and write a dissertation and defend it.

The second level is the Doctor Nauk degree achieved after studying for a further 2-4 years with good results in scientific research and publishing. The average time though between obtaining Kandidat or Doctor degrees is around 10 years and most Doctors are over 40 years of age.

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