What is International Law?

International law is the set of rules, agreements and treaties that are binding between countries. When sovereign states enter into agreements that are binding and enforceable, it’s called international law. Countries come together to make binding rules that they believe benefit their citizens. International laws promote peace, justice, common interests and trade.

International laws apply to governments. It’s up to each state government to implement and follow international laws. A country’s laws apply to citizens and other people that are present in the country. However, it’s up to the country’s governing authority to apply international law and keep their agreements with the other countries that are involved.

What does international law involve?

International law might address and regulate any of the following issues:

  • Human rights
  • Treatment of refugees
  • Prosecution for international crimes
  • Arms agreements and controls
  • How states can claim new territories
  • Regulating common spaces like water and outer space
  • Trade between states
  • Preventing war
  • When it’s okay for a state to use force
  • Fair treatment of prisoners
  • Preserving the environment

Domains of International Law

International Law includes the basic, classic concepts of law in national legal systems (i.e. statutes, property law, tort law, etc). It also includes substantive law, procedural law, due process, and remedies.The following are major substantive fields of international law:

  • International economic law
  • International security law
  • International criminal law
  • International environmental law
  • Diplomatic law
  • International humanitarian law, A.K.A. law of war.
  • International human rights law

International Law Issues

Marzoni can assist in matters relating to:

  • Cross-border legal issues
  • Application and execution of Ukrainian and foreign laws
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Ukraine
  • Recognition and enforcement of Ukraine judgments offshore
  • Opinions and advice in international law matters, choice of law questions, as well as issues relating to domicile, nationality, residence and corporations
  • International transactions concerning:
    • Real and personal property in one or more foreign jurisdictions
    • Succession and Wills relating to Ukraine and foreign jurisdictions
    • Certificates as to law relating to Ukraine and foreign jurisdictions
  • International disputes, arbitration, mediation and legal process

Private International Law/Conflicts of Laws

In the 21st century, global trade, immigration, emigration, cross-border transactions, operations and projects and the application of international treaties and conventions to which Ukraine is a party, highlight the need for effective international legal services which are offered by Marzoni.

Comparative Law

Membership of international associations and our international legal network, provides the benefit to clients of vast resources in legal knowledge, to present, assess and compare different legal systems or “families”.

International Notarial Instruments

Marzoni drafts international deeds, acts and instruments [including authentic or public] requiring notarisation and the Apostille under the Hague Convention for and to apply in most world jurisdictions. German, Polish and Italian documents are drawn by our firm.

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