Accountant in Kharkov, accountant services, reporting.
Accountant services in Kharkov

When you have your own business, but there is no permanent employee in the staff who was involved in accounting, then my services will help you.

What accountant services do we provide?

We are accounting
We calculate different types of taxes.
We calculate the salary with all deductions.
We make reports.
We register and draw up tax invoices.

Why use our services?

Ordering our accountant services in Kharkov, you get the following benefits:

Over 15 years of work in this field, the accountant has earned a positive reputation and loyal customers.
Your accounting is in order, but there is no need for monthly salary payments, and renting premises.
Our clients are not-exchange for different branches of activity, unlike an accountant who works only in one area.

How does the company work

via the Internet in online mode

You send copies of documents to me by e-mail: invoices, deeds, bank statements and others. Based on these, I am keeping your accounting records. Original documents will be with you. You yourself will pay tax payments.

We provide services of a visiting accountant.

At this stage I will come once a week to your company, and deal with accounting matters. Work will be carried out, as with remote collaboration. Profitable service of the incoming accountant in Kharkov, so that you can ask all your questions directly.
How to order a service
The company’s website contains information and contacts. By contacting us, you will receive advice on your questions, with regard to accounting, and company reports. Call, come, contact, and your accounting will be in order.