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    How can I buy real estate in Ukraine?

    For granting the property rights on real estate, it is necessary to recieve fiscal code. We could help you to recive it.

    Sometimes, additional documents or information may be requested, that is necessary for the registration of real estate.

    The only limitation relates to the purchasing of agricultural land; however, it is the topic to be considered separately.

    The procedure of immovable property purchase for foreign citizens is the same as one for citizens of Ukraine. The only difference is the fact that foreign citizens have to legalize some of their documents. It is also to be mentioned that foreign citizens investing more than 100,000.00 Euros have a possibility to be issued with a residence permit in Ukraine.

    Can foreigner purchase apartments in Ukraine?
    AUkraine law does not distinguish between property rights or right of ownership in regards to non Ukrainian citizens versus Ukrainian citizens.
    Foreigners purchase real estate using the same process. However, non Ukrainian citizens are at the moment not allowed to purchase land.
    Is it possible for foreign individuals or foreign legal entities to purchase a real estate in Ukraine and what documents are needed??
    AAfter the acquisition property has been identified and price has been agreed upon, it is necessary to sign a preliminary purchase agreement.
    As a standard a deposit is involved which is typically 5% of the purchase price or the agreed upon amount.
    The preliminary agreement outlines the terms of the purchase and time frame during which the purchase will take place. It is signed in the presence of a notary.
    On the date of the actual deal, the remaining balance is paid also in the presence of a notary.
    At this point, the title of the property is officially signed over to the new owner and is registered within the state structure. If you want to buy real estate you only need the passport with valid visa stamp. If no visa was required, simply a stamp page that shows legal entry into the country. Ukrainian taxpayer identification code. You can easily obtain this with our guidance – all that is required is your passport. We can also obtain this for you if we have power of attorney created on your behalf. Both foreign individuals and foreign corporation can purchase real estate in Ukraine. However, the process is considerably more complex if a foreign corporation is making the purchase and more documents are required than for a purchase done for an individual. It can also be somewhat complex to register a corporation with city utility services, however, with our assistance we can help you navigate through this bureaucratic maze.
    How long does it take to register a company in Ukraine?
    ACompany can be registered within one or two days. This period excludes the time required for the preparation of registration documents.
    What amount is determined for the authorized capital of LLC?
    AThe minimum and maximum amount of authorized capital in a limited liability company is not defined by the legislation of Ukraine and it may be one grivna, even less than one Dollar. In addition, the date for the contribution of the authorized capital as provided for by the Charter is not important for the company registration.