The costs of the legal services provided by the lawyer/attorney/notary

Lawyer costs in Kharkiv

Every single person who wants to obtain high quality legal services pays attention to the reputation and experience of the company as well as to its prices. It’s the right approach because a lot can be understood by a price policy. Overpriced fees may mean that going beyond the agreements you will stumble upon unnecessary wastes and the result may not always match the price. While low prices indicate that you deal not with a partner or a senior but with an inexperienced junior. The costs of legal services vary, but our company offers you an optimal combination of high quality services and adequate pay.


Legal services in other cities of Ukraine (not Kharkiv), within European Union, USA and other states are calculated individually upon request. Providing legal services in a language other than Ukrainian / Russian – by particular agreement.  The provision of legal services outside working hours is charged at a rate of 200% of the regular cost as ussual. All the indicated costs are approximate. Services provider reserves the right to change the costs.

Сonsultation (includes any communication with an authorized person) on common legal issues: primary / secondary Up to 30 minutes 500 / 300 UAH
Consultation on criminal law, international law, EU law, the law of another state, or in specialized areas of law. Up to 30 minutes from 500 UAH
Document research and analysis Up to 1 hour 500 UAH
Involvement in procedural activities Up to 1 hour 1000 UAH
Drafting documents (application, lawyers request) Up to 3 pages 500 UAH
Drafting statement of claim, counterclaim, statement of defense, response on counterclaim, written explanation, etc. Up to 6 pages 1200 UAH.
Drafting appeal, application for judicial review (further application, cassation), statement of defense on appeal, response on appeal (further appeal) Up to 6 pages 1500 UAH
Drafting document on foreign state law or International law Up to 1 hour from 800 UAH
Attendance at regional (town) and district court —————————————– 1000-1500 UAH
Attendance at the Court of Appeal or Supreme Court ____________________________ 1300-1800 UAH
Further support and accompaniment of documents, applications, claims, counterclaims, appeals, other docs. receiving documents, follow-up on cases in any branches, legal accompaniment in criminal cases, dispatch of documents, personal filing, acquaintance with the case materials in court. Up to 1 hour 500 UAH
Other legal services ____________________________ By separate agreement

In addition, the cost includes accompanying expenses, which include expenses for transport, communications, accommodation, other expenses that must be incurred to fulfill the Client’s order.

Subscription service in Kharkiv, Package proposal.

“Basic” package – 1500 UAH / month

5 consultations

2 contracts / document expertises

2 applications / replies to authority bodies

0 statements of claim / appeals or cassations

0 lawyer visits


Package “Standard” – 3000 UAH / month

10 consultations

5 contracts / document expertises

5 applications / replies to authority bodies

2 statements of claim / appeals or cassations

2 lawyer visits

“Premium” package – 6000 UAH / month

15 consultations

10 contracts / examination of documents

10 applications / replies to authority odies

4 statements of claim / appeals or cassations

4 lawyer visits

“Golden” package – 11 000 UAH / month

20 consultations

15 contracts / document expertises

15 applications / replies to authority bodies

7 statements of claim / appeals or cassations

7 lawyer visits

Notary costs in Kharkiv

from 350 UAH  Power of attorney for representation in court proceedings

from 3500 UAH Real estate notary

from 2500 UAH Recording the ownership

from 1500 UAH Inheritance registration

from 700 UAH Making a will

from 2500 UAH Making a notarized deal

from 3500 UAH Property market and legal registration of deals

from 1500 UAH Notarized loan agreements and legally processed deals

from 1500 UAH Real estate mortgage

from 1500 UAH Marriage contract

from 2000 UAH Notary’s executive inscription

from 500 UAH Notarized certification of constituent documents for registration of LLC

from 200 UAH Statement of marital status – certificate of marital status

from 500 UAH Permission for a child to travel abroad

price/ Legal entities and entrepreneurs registration

from 2000 Acceptance of cash and securities for deposit

price/ Notarized translation of a document and notarial assurance of translation

from 700 UAH Visit of the notary to the client for the notarial activity

from 1000 UAH Notary services for foreigners in a foreign language

Business registration costs in Kharkiv

from 300 UAH Oral consultation and the document analysis

from 2500 UAH LLC registration

from 500 UAH Opening the company’s bank account

from 1500  UAH Opening of the investment account

from 2500 UAH Company branch registration

from 900 UAH Registration of the entrepreneur

from 4000 UAH Foreign company representation

from 2500 UAH NGO

from 1000 UAH Changing founder, CEO, name, legal address, WCD, charter

from 1500 UAH Mandating by law the documents of LLC

from 1500 Sales legal support

from 350 UAH Getting information from the Unified state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine: statement, extraction, certificate

price/ Document translation in Ukrainian and notarial assurance of translation

price/ Affixing Apostille and legalization abroad