Lawyer Dmitriy Marzoni (Дмитрий Марцонь). Lawyer in Kharkov. 097-44444-55

I am a professional lawyer and for more than 10 years engaged in providing legal assistance to citizens. I conduct many resonant affairs, with a special degree of complexity. I participate in various social projects.

I am a member of the National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine, I have a certificate of the right to engage in advocacy, the founder of a law office located in Kharkov, Svobody Street 7/9, office 1-06.

As a lawyer, I have successfully conducted many legally complicated criminal, civil, administrative and economic cases.
Gained professional experience and knowledge allow me to make practical and effective decisions.

Law practice allowed me to accumulate a unique experience in resolving legally – difficult situations in criminal, civil, housing, family, economic, administrative matters.

Legal advice, as a rule, turns out to be a lawyer on issues of Ukrainian legislation, but in addition, my law practice extends to the field of private international law.

I carry out qualified protection in parental matters. The defense of a lawyer is carried out at all stages of criminal proceedings: arrest or arrest, inquest, preliminary investigation, in court.

Representation of interests in complex civil cases in civil proceedings is also within the scope of my advocacy. In civil cases, I represent interests in courts of law and in the proceedings before magistrates.

For legal entities, business management and legal services for businesses can be useful.

In addition, I provide clients with the services of a family lawyer, advise and conduct cases in the courts on housing issues.

Each civil or criminal case in which I represent interests in court or exercise defense has its own characteristics and is considered individually. You can contact me by phone in Kharkov or by any means available to you online.

Pricing policy is simple and straightforward. I always try to meet the needs of customers to establish an adequate and fair cost of services.
A full range of legal services lawyer in Kharkov.

Office in the city center.

• Providing oral and written advice;
• Preparation of letters, inquiries, statements, complaints, complaints, responses to inquiries and other documents;
• Audit of the contractual process (analysis, preparation, conclusion, amendment and termination of contracts);
• Representing the interests of the Client in state bodies and local governments;
• Preparation of procedural documents (statements, lawsuits, appeals and cassation complaints, comments and objections);
• Representing the interests of the Client in court;
• Pre-trial settlement of disputes;
• Representing the interests of the Client in the enforcement proceedings.

Civil, administrative, economic, criminal law.

• Family (divorce, division of spouses, recovery of alimony, reduction / increase in alimony, determination of the child’s place of residence, deprivation of parental rights, etc.) • hereditary, • land, • housing, • labor, • corporate, • credit • tax and other matters.
• Removal of a person from registration (extract), • check-in / check-out, section (allocation of a share), and • establishment of a procedure for using real estate (house, apartment, land plot).
• Privatization of land. • Sale, rent of land (share).
• Assistance with registration of inheritance. Restoration of the terms of accepting an inheritance, establishing the fact of residence by one family, the fact of kinship, recognition of a will as invalid, etc.
• Recognition of exchange transactions (purchase and sale agreement) as valid.
• Questions about real estate. Legal support of contracts of sale, donation, barter, etc., recognition of contracts as invalid, privatization.
• Recovery of debt on receipts and contracts.
• Compensation of material and moral damage.
• Recovery of salary and severance pay for dismissal, reinstatement at work, protection of labor rights in court.
• Opening / closing of FOP, registration / liquidation of enterprises, amending the constituent documents. • Legal support of FOP and legal entities.
• Appeal against actions (inaction) of state authorities and local governments.
• Appeal against police orders.
• Representation of interests and protection in cases of bringing to administrative responsibility.


Information on the provision of legal assistance on your question can be clarified by calling 097-44444-55 ** FREE **
Calls are accepted without holidays.

Legal assistance includes:
• Meeting with the Client;
• Examination of documents provided by the Client;
• Determination of the regulatory framework to be applied in a particular situation;
• Conduct an extensive consultation;

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