What is civil litigation?
Civil litigation is the term used for a legal dispute that has occurred involving two or more parties seeking money damages or a specific performance, in comparison to criminal sanctions.
Litigators are what are known as the lawyers that specialise in civil litigation, and lawyers who practice civil litigation will represent the parties in hearings, trials, arbitrations and mediations before foreign tribunals, administrative agencies, federal, state and local courts.

The types of civil litigation

An extensive amount of conflicts can be encompassed into civil litigation.
Litigators will usually specialise in a couple of the specific areas.

Several of the common types of litigation include:

– Anti-Trust
– Construction
– Education Law
– Employment & Labor
– Environmental Law
– Intellectual Property
– Landlord/Tenant
– Medical Malpractice
– Personal Injury
– Products Liability
– Real Estate
– Worker’s Compensation

Ukraine has a unified legal system and the same code of civil procedure governs all legal actions before the courts, no matter where in Ukraine. As a result, civil litigation in Ukraine has much more predictable outcomes than litigation conducted in common law jurisdictions. In particular, there is no costly and time-consuming discovery process which must be completed before an action will be heard by the court. Instead, Ukrainian civil litigation is court-driven and the presiding judge determines which evidence and witnesses will be heard. Accordingly, initial submissions must be on point and contain all evidence relied on in order to make a compelling case.

We have considerable experience gained in launching and defending legal proceedings for foreign clients and their Ukrainian subsidiaries at both the District and Appeal Court levels in Kiev and other major Ukrainian cities, including Kharkov, Dnepr and Lwov. We are able to make service of foreign court proceedings on defendants in Ukraine as well as to structure and enforce complex settlements involving cross-border litigants. A further service is to apply for recognition of and enforce judgments rendered by foreign courts in Ukraine. We also have experience in the mediation or arbitration of cross-border claims.

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