Bank signature cards

Any legal entity, as an economic entity, will sooner or later need to open a bank account to carry out its activities.

For this purpose, a bank institution will need to be provided with special cards containing samples of signatures of authorised persons and an impression of the legal entity’s seal. The signatures in such cards must be notarised. To notarise a bank signature card, you may apply to any notary. You should have the statutory documents of your company (the Articles of Association, the resolution of the founders on the appointment of an authorised person, and the company’s order appointing this person), the passport and the registration number of the taxpayer’s record card (used to be known as the individual tax number) of the signatory, the company’s seal; you should also specify the name of the bank and its legal address. The list of documents required from different economic entities may vary; it is directly related to the organisational legal form of the legal entity.

Signature on the Articles of Association

The notarization of signatures by the founders on the company Articles of Association is one of the most widespread notarial operations. The Articles of Association is a basic document that regulates the incorporation and business activity of the company. This is the basis for the legal entity to conduct its operations. By its purpose, the Articles of Association for a legal entity serves as a passport for a natural person.

To incorporate the legal entity, the founders have to file a set of documents, including the Articles of Association, to the registrar. The Articles of Association is to include the following key information: the name of legal entity (in Ukrainian, Russian, English, to avoid any possible subsequent discrepancies and misinterpretations when translating company documents into foreign languages), the purpose and subject of its activity, composition and competence of management bodies, decision-making procedures, procedure of assets formation, distribution of profit and loss, terms and conditions of reorganization and liquidation.

To notarize their signatures to the Articles of Association, the founders must be present at the notary’s office and submit two copies of the Articles of Association of the legal entity, their passports and registration numbers of the taxpayer identification card (formerly called individual taxpayer number), if founders are the natural persons. If founders are one or multiple legal entities, the required set of documents slightly differs: the total list of documents shall be supplemented with the statutory documents of the founder-legal entity, in particular its Articles of Association, extract on the legal entity registration, minutes of the founding meeting where the founders decided to appoint the manager to his/her position, respective order of such appointment of the manager.

Notarised copies in Kharkov

In our everyday life, we often need to receive a notarised copy of a document, especially when the same document is required by several authorities. In such a situation, to have notarised copies of documents will be very helpful! You can apply for this service to any notarial office. Notaries may certify copies of documents issued both by legal entities and natural persons, provided that these documents are in line with the laws and have legal force.

To execute a copy, a document must be in a proper state and contain respective essential details, such as the name of the organisation that issued the document, the number and date of its issuance; if necessary, a document must be executed on the established standard form. A document must be signed by an authorised person and contain a respective seal (if necessary).

A notary may also certify a copy of a document issued by a natural person, in case the authenticity of the natural person’s signature is certified by a notary, at the entity where this person is employed, trained, lives or receives medical treatment.

However, a notary may not certify copies of documents written with a pencil, containing erasures, improperly executed corrections, crossed-out words. A document must have a readable text, a distinct impression of a seal (if any). If a document is executed in several pages, they must be stitched together, numbered and duly sealed.

A copy may only be notarised if a notary has seen the original document, checked its authenticity, correctness of its execution, presence of all required essential details, compared it with its copy or made a copy himself/herself by using respective office equipment. Only after all these conditions are met, a notary may certify that the copy is a true copy of the original document; a copy is made as close to the original document as possible, which means that if a document is stitched together, its notarised copy must also be stitched, sealed and signed by the notary.

In fine, there must be a notary’s statement of certification which confirms that the copy is a true copy of the original document; all this must be sealed and signed by the notary.

The number of notarised copies of the same document is unlimited.

Documents required for notarisation of a copy of a document:

  1. your identifying documents;
  2. original document whose copy you are going to notarise.

Notarization of photocopied extract in Kharkiv

What does it mean to notarize an extract?

The photocopied extract (also referred to as the excerpt) is a type of copy, namely the notarization of photocopy of certain pages of a document.

In our everyday activities we may encounter the necessity to notarize copies of a document. However, it is possible to notarize not the whole document, but only the extract of certain pages of the document. It happens sometimes that there is no need to notarize a copy of the whole document, so the option of notarizing several photocopied pages is convenient and effective.

The service of notarization of photocopied extract is widely used when notarizing certain pages of passport or labour record, when document includes empty pages and their notarization makes no sense. Pay attention that the notarization of the photocopied extract of the labour record is possible on condition when the last record in this document is the record on discharge; and the notarization of photocopied extract from passport requires the notarization of the last page which bears the record on revoking a passport if this is the case.

There are no differences in notarization of copies or photocopied extract. The document is to include the obligatory details: the name of issuing authority, number and the date of issue, and is presented on the letterhead of approved form, if necessary. The document is to be signed by the authorized person, issuing the document, and sealed (if relevant).

The notary shall have no right to notarize the extract photocopy of certain pages of a document written with a pencil, with erasures, additions improperly executed corrections, crossed out words. The document must bear clearly stated and legible text with accurate stamped impression of the seal (if available).

If the document complies with all requirements and its extract may be photocopied, the notary attaches the notarization of acknowledgement, where the numbers of notarized pages is stated, records the registration number, and if the document includes two or more sheets, numbers, sews and securely binds such sheets. Consequently, the notarized document is sealed and signed by the notary.

Documents required for the mentioned notarial operation:

  1. documents of identification of a person who applied for such service;;
  2. original document the photocopied extract of which is required.

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